Friday, November 14, 2008

It's November already

Oh my goodness! I can't believe we're halfway through November already. Where does all the time go. Here in Darcoland things are going along without much drama...just like we like it.

The kids are enjoying school and staying busy. Brandon has basketball try outs next week so we're keeping our fingers crossed for him. Jennifer is helping with the class council and working hard on socializing and texting! We were able to have all the "aunties" over last month to celebrate Jenny's 14th birthday! It was a great afternoon full of cake and cupcakes and candy...all Jenny's favorites! We're looking forward to Brandon's 17th next month.

Terry has just taken over the night crew at his store. We are, as always, looking for silver linings in this Safeway story. The good news is that he will be writing the schedule so we can at least have some predictability from week to week. It will still be graveyard but we're hoping for two consecutive days off with one of them being Saturday so we can go to church as a family on Sundays.

I'm enjoying my nanny job with the Lamey's. The kids are at really great ages right now (9, 7, and 4) and we're having so much fun together. Most of all I am LOVING my part time job at Arts and Scraps!! It's been both a humbling and exciting few months as I navigate my way through my very first foray into retail sales. A little bit of friendliness can cover up a multitude of ignorance! Everyone has been very patient with me as I figure out how everything works and I've thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of the Arts family.

We've also really been enjoying our house this fall season. It was the first time since Terry and I have been married that we had trick or treaters! Such fun!!

We are looking forward to spending turkey day at Terry's mom and dad's house in a few weeks. We will have the kids with us this year and that makes the day extra special.

So here's to a Happy November and remember:

It's not so much what's on the table that matters, as what's on the chairs.

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dj said...

and we love having you in the ARTS family!! (oh...did I mention that you're fired??) ha!!