Sunday, January 31, 2010

January in a nutshell

“It is the memory that enables a person to gather roses in January”

I suppose for some people January is a dreary and depressing month but, to those of us born in the very first month of the year it's a lovely time of beginnings. Our January started out fabulously when the kids came home from their visit to Arizona on New Years Day. They were gone for a full week and we really missed them. We had big plans to spend our New Years Eve together but too full flights and bad weather got in the way. Sooooo we saved all the goodies for the 1st! Pizza rolls, mini corn dogs, and taquitos washed down with a few bottles of sparkling cider. Ahhh the good life!

And then, wouldn't you know it, another birthday!!! I spent the most amazing weekend celebrating my 37th. My kids treated me to a fabulous dinner and a delicious carrot cake; I took a class at my favorite scrapbook store, arts&scraps, with my mom; went out to dinner with my three VERY bestest friends and spent a lovely day with my whole family. My wonderful mom still lets us choose whatever we want for dinner. She made the most amazing meal of fried chicken and mashed potatoes (my all time fav!!!) It's very, very good to be me!

The rest of the month passed in a blur of work, family time, busy teenage kids and swim meets. Ohhhh wait...did I mention that Brandon was on the swim team at Fort Vancouver High School this year?! Well he was and he was AMAZING!!! That boy swims like a fish. He competed in the 50 meter free, the 100 meter back stroke, and the 100 meter free. He swam at the district championships and it was his very first year to compete! We are soooo proud of him!!

And that's our January in a nutshell.

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