Friday, April 1, 2011

What the heck?

I was thinking today...don't happens every once in awhile! What the heck? No, really! That's what I was thinking. I was thinking what the heck, am I a good wife, a good mom, a good friend, a good daughter? What the heck, how come I'm not more creative, organized, fancy, or proactive? What the heck is that on the sleeve of my shirt?!? These are the things I ponder when I'm alone at work. I should never be left alone with my thoughts.
So I decided to get my you-know-what together tonight. I reorganized a closet on Monday and everything that didn't fit back in is all over my table. (did I mention it's now Thursday?) Not conducive for family dinners. So I (almost) cleaned that up. I need a few books to give a little lift to a lamp in my living room so I made one out of an old phone book, a paper bag and some fancy duct tape my pal Denise gave me for Christmas. By the way, I told her about my adventure and she said, "Who the heck are you!!" That's a good comment right? I thought so. I painted a dollar store picture frame and it looks I just need to put something in it. But baby steps right?
I must say, I feel pretty awesome right now. Productive, creative and just plain awesome! It's kind of a nice change from the "what the heck" feelings I've been having lately. Tomorrow I'm going to make dinner for my poor graveyard working husband, help my sister paint her house and make some cupcakes for the gals at work. That should be a good second step towards a "what the heck" free life!
Enjoy a few pics of my super awesome day! Pay no attention to the horrible lighting, it's like 1am. Not much natural light. :-)
 That picture frame was a really lovely turquoise and gold.
I don't know why I painted it.
I think I'll put a little bit of sheet music in that frame.
 Yeah...that's right...I made that.
All that's left is a tiny bit of sorting.
Or maybe a big bit of sorting.

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