Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Scrap!

Scrapbooking isn't about scraps of paper and photos. Scrapbooking is about scraps of life - yours and those special to you. ~Rebecca Sower
Sometimes we our family a group of scrappers or a group of collectors? This spring break we proved we are truly Scrappers!!! So many of my family works for the Camas School District that school breaks provide the perfect time to gather all kinds of pictures, papers, ideas and kits together for days of scrappin fun! Those lucky enough to have the week off got much accomplished over several days together! Some of the rest of us...namely me...had to work! However, Sunday was all mine! I came bearing Starbucks and all my necessities. I spent 10 hours in the company of my favorite people; Mom, Brandy, Aunt Barb (who's double car garage has become the ultimate scrappers paradise!), Aunt Eileen, Cousin Karen, Second Cousin Shauna and Sister-In Law-sorta-kinda Denise!
What a blessing to have such a close and special family.
Some examples of our amazing creativity!!!

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